The Future of Real Estate Wholesaling Marketing

What’s the future of wholesaling marketing for real estate investors?Mastering what is working right now is great. However, as clearly seen from recent corporate battles between Apple and Google and real estate companies throughout history it is those that embrace future trends and stay on the forefront of change that consistently race ahead and stay on top.Right now many investors are finding great success in simple wholesaling marketing strategies like direct mail, bandit signs, in person networking and of course online content marketing and PPC advertising through Google Adwords.While many of those reading this might instantly be cringing, expecting this article to be yet another of the same old “you have to use social and mobile” pieces, that isn’t necessarily the only future of wholesaling marketing.All marketing, just like the economy and housing market is cyclical. Print has gone out and come back, so has direct mail and email marketing. They were all very popular and successful in the early 2000s, then died off, and have been revived. So there will certainly be room for some of the more traditional advertising methods to rebound in the future, even if they take on a slightly more digital format.Obviously technology can’t be ignored either though. We are all increasingly being wired in, even if we don’t want to be. Offline wholesaling marketing may continue to produce real estate leads and deals for flipping houses for quite some time, but at some point investors will have to adapt. You can put it off and give the lead to your competition or begin strategizing now to get the edge and enjoy dominating the market and more lead flow.Mobile is an obvious trend. Apps, bulk SMS, mobile responsive sites and social are great ways to capitalize on the mobile movement. However, looking ahead this will also certainly mean responsive digital outdoor advertising, social notifications in car, on smartphones and via Google Glass, based on all types of activities and location based, even without prospects requesting it.Social can’t be ignored. Some may not have figured out how to use it effectively yet, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly valuable or powerful and high ROI if done right. In fact social is really just figuring itself out. Once commercialized properly and wholesalers are able to infiltrate feeds by offering timed messages and truly valuable info it can be monetized. In the meantime the focus should be on building a tight tribe of customers and really being authentic.

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