Ajijic Travel Tip Number 17 – Should I Rent a Car in Lake Chapala, Mexico?

Ajijic, Mexico is now on the radar for baby boomers about to retire and are drawn to this charming village in the Mexican highlands with narrow cobble stone streets. These streets are delightful for walking, but not necessarily for driving for the first time visitor.Don’t make the mistake of renting a car before you arrive for your Ajijic, Mexico vacation. These travel tips for Lake Chapala will give you the inside track to getting around when visiting the Lake Chapala area.Where do people park in Ajijic-Chapala, Mexico?Parking a rental car in Ajijic, at its best is not easy for first time visitors. In the Mexican state of Jalisco, the village of Ajijic is where all the action is. The shops, the restaurants, the shops, galleries, the lake front, the plaza, the pier and the new boardwalk is where you will spend most your time when you visit.This picturesque Mexican village is mostly narrow, one way streets with very limited parking.Walking, not driving is your best mode of transportation. If you have a car it will be a challenge to find any parking, let alone close to where you are going.If walking is not what you consider an option or are able to do comfortably, no problem. Taxicabs are readily available and inexpensive to take you anywhere you want to go. And, there are buses that run on the main streets through towns and villages that dot the lakeside communities.How do I get around in Lake Chapala?Want to see places and things of interest during you Ajijic vacation? Don’t you need to rent a car to accomplish this? Nope. The best way to sight see is take a small group or personalized tour.As an example, there are tours that take small groups around Lake Chapala in vans or small buses. Knowledgeable English speaking guides stop at all the places that are worth exploring. It is a day trip starting in the morning and returning early evening.The Tequila tours are very popular, and for good reason. In addition to visiting the tasting room, the tours themselves are very interesting and informative. The older refineries reside on beautiful properties and you will see how Tequila was produced in the old days up to modern day production. You could take the Tequila Train Tour, or you could hire a driver and take a private tour.

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